The Civil Process Unit of the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office serves legal documents throughout the county, performs evictions, and enforces the orders of the court.


Information Required: We cannot serve your papers unless you provide a current physical address for the person to be served. To more effectively assist you in serving your papers, further information about the person(s) to be served (such as work addresses, a physical description (if you have one), phone numbers, and vehicle information) are helpful.  Click the link to print, complete and mail in with your copies the worksheet that provides all of this information  Assist to Serve Worksheet

Copies: We require a full set of paperwork to serve upon each person, plus (1) copy of the set of paperwork. If you are serving more than one person please include a set of paperwork to serve each person plus a copy. Be sure to include your contact information – including a complete mailing address and phone number. 

Fees: As of August 15th, 2019 the fee is $100 per person being served, pre-paid. We accept exact cash, check or money order (made payable to Eau Claire County) or credit card (2.39% fee is charged with the use of the credit card. Visa, Mastercard and Discover) at our front desk. Checks and money orders may be mailed with paperwork. The fee includes 3 attempts of service and mileage.

Mail documents to:
Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Civil Process
721 Oxford Avenue Suite 1400
Eau Claire, WI 54703





When a deputy stand by is required, there may be a charge per hour for the deputy’s time. Example of a stand by would be when persons are evicted and a moving company is removing property; a deputy would stand by to maintain order, but not to actively assist in the moving of the property, etc. Stand bys for court ordered no-contacts, when the person needs to collect personal property only (clothing and prescriptions) from a residence is free, but has to be ordered by the court and can not be longer than 10-20 minutes.  

Call 715-839-5160 for more information.