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The Chippewa Valley Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (CVRCFL)
is a collaboration of investigators from the Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office,
the Eau Claire Police Department and the Altoona Police Department. 

The CVRCFL investigators work to forensically locate and preserve computer, cell phone and other digital evidence for prosecution of a wide range of crimes committed in the Chippewa Valley. In addition, the laboratory aims to increase the effectiveness of local law enforcement agencies by identifying and prosecuting child sexual predators in the Chippewa Valley. This allows for more comprehensive and timely digital forensic analysis service to the local agencies 

The Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office has a specially trained detective that specializes in computer forensic investigations. This detective is trained in computer forensics and assists with such caseload for the department.

Digital evidence is one of the fastest growing areas of evidence as related to criminal investigations. CVRCFL investigators work on a variety of cases including burglaries, domestic abuse, financial crimes, thefts, battery, child pornography, child enticement and homicides. As technology expands in both power and mobility, the CVRCFL continues to prove to be a vital asset for the Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office in keeping the community safe.

Financial donations are accepted through the Eau Claire Community Foundation.  


Detective Jeff Nocchi                                        

Digital Forensic Examiner                                


Tipster Line: (715) 839-4982