The Court Services is a branch of the Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office Security Services Division.  Wisconsin Statute 59.27(3) mandates that the Sheriff shall:  "attend upon the circuit court held in the sheriff's county during its session". 

Eau Claire County employs 4 bailiffs who are responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for the circuit court judges, court commissioner, courthouse staff and the public using the courthouse facility.  They also are assigned the task of transporting prisoners to and from their court hearings.  This must be done in both a safe and secure manner for the prisoner, courthouse staff and the visiting public.  The bailiff's must also act as a liaison between the courts and the jail, ensuring that the prisoners are transported, and on time for scheduled hearings.

All persons entering the courthouse are subject to being searched and are not permitted to bring into the courthouse any type of weapons or contraband. 

It is the goal of the Sheriff's Office for all subjects visiting the Eau Claire County Courthouse to have a safe and enjoyable experience while conducting their business.  In order to accomplish this, we request individuals adhere to the procedures outlined above.

Hours of operation:  Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:30 pm

After hour emergencies should contact the Emergency Center at:

(715) 839-4972 or 911