Huber Program

Officer Schroeder
Huber Officer
Eau Claire County Jail

What is Huber?

The court has granted you the privilege to work, seek employment, attend the needs of your family members and/or attend school or treatment programs. Your behavior and the preparations you make will determine your ability to exercise your Huber privilege. Failure to report to the Huber Center is a violation of Wisconsin State Statute 946-425(1), which is a Class D Felony.

Failure to report may result in criminal charges and revocation of Huber privileges.

Where should I report?

Report directly to the Eau Claire County Jail-Huber Center.

The Huber Center is located on 2nd Ave. – use door C11E.

Do not report under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How many days and hours am I allowed to work?

You are allowed out to work for six days in a row. The seventh day you will be required to stay in the jail.

You are allowed up to a total of twelve hours per day, which are work related, (including travel time) outside the jail.

How do I get to work?

If your driving privileges are intact you may drive yourself to work. You must have prior authorization from the Huber Officer and proof of insurance on any vehicle you ride in. Parking is allowed in lot "D" (off of 1st Ave.) in the first 2 rows facing the river. If you are riding a bicycling you must use the bike racks in front of the main jail.


What should I bring?


The following items are permitted:

  • watch
  • wedding band
  • 6 plain crew neck white t-shirts without pockets or designs
  • 6 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of underwear (all underclothes must be new and in the original and unopened packaging)
  • one mesh laundry bag
  • 1 towel provided it is not white and is a solid color.

Hygiene Products

All hygiene products must be purchased from our canteen vendor.

Prescription Medication

Medication(s) must be current, in the original bottle and accompanied by the original doctor's order/prescription or a copy of the order/prescription from the pharmacy where filled. Your physician must prescribe all medications to be taken no more than twice daily. Huber Center nursing staff distributes medications during the morning and evening only.

Reading Materials

Books, magazines, and newspapers must be purchased and mailed in by the publisher's bookstore.

School Materials 

While in the Huber Center, your studying materials may be used with Huber staff's approval. Conference rooms must be used for studying as studying materials are not allowed into the blocks.

Items Not Allowed

Any contraband including but not limited to:

  • earplugs
  • jewelry other than a wedding ring
  • watch, and body jewelry
  • All electrical devices



1. Fees

Total fees due at check-in $330.00 cash only, and or payroll check exceeding $330.00

2. Social Security, Driver's License & ID Cards

If reporting to Huber from your home, you must bring these cards with you. You will not be allowed out to obtain these cards once checked into the Huber Center.

3. Lock Rental

You will be issued a combination lock for your personal locker and charged $2.00 for rental fees.

4. Drug Test

On your first day of Huber, a urine sample will be requested. Regardless of the results of your U/A (negative or positive), a $20.00 charge will be applied to your account for the test.



  • Eau Claire County Huber Center Application – completed by inmate - form link listed below
  • Need past 30 days payroll information (i.e.: check stubs)
  • Eau Claire County Huber Center-Employment Information Form must be completed and signed by your employer before you will be allowed to go to work.

Child Care

  • Eau Claire County Huber Center Application – completed by inmate - form link listed below
  • Original birth certificate(s) of child/children you are taking care of
  • Significant other's work schedule


  • Eau Claire County Huber Center Application – completed by inmate - form link listed below
  • Certified copy of school schedule from registrant.

Self Employed

As a self-employed inmate the following information must be provided at check in

  • Eau Claire County Huber Center Application – completed by inmate - form link listed below
  • Business Liability Insurance – Your insurance agency must provide a certificate of insurance with the Eau Claire County Jail listed as the certificate holder.
  • Provide a blank deposit slip from the business checking account or provide invoices from the past 5 jobs and a business ledge for the last 3 months.
  • Tax ID Numbers: Federal, State and Sellers Permit number
  • If you do not have a Tax ID number you must provide a copy of your last year's business State and Federal tax Return
  • If you have employees you must provide:

1. Insurance agency provide a certificate of Workman's Compensation insurance with the Eau Claire County
Jail listed as the certificate holder

2. Account Number for the unemployment account with the State of Wisconsin

 Eau Claire County Huber  Center-Employment Information Form

 Eau Claire County Huber Center Application