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Crash Reconstruction


Crash Reconstruction is the advanced process of using forensics, data collection and scene analysis, and computerized drafting to determine how and why a crash occurred. Sheriff’s reports and diagrams may reveal points of impact and other key factors. However, the reports may tell only one side or an incomplete version of the events.

The main objective of an Accident Reconstructionist (which is a highly trained crash investigator) is to recreate the events leading up to the accident and the circumstances of the collision by determining all the facts and presenting the facts in an objective and scientific manner. 

Investigators of the Accident Reconstruction Team consist of highly trained individuals assigned to the Patrol Division of the Sheriff’s Office.  The team is trained from a variety of disciplines from nationally recognized institutions and capable of investigating incidents involving serious bodily injury or that may involve a fatality where there is an indication that criminal charges may be applied. Members of this team have received formal training from the Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM), Northwestern University, and the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX).

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