To develop an effective, modern, and accessible communications system, including internal, external and advocacy, to better serve and engage the citizens of Eau Claire County.


 How to best utilize technology to assist consumers. Identify applications and other resources for development. Aging and Disability Resource Center 
 Better internal communication systems to engage/inform county employees and department heads  Airport
 Coordinate educational leadership and programming with Eau Claire, Dunn, and Chippewa Counties, find efficiencies as well (aka Area 6 in Cooperative Extension terms). Identify resources based on key priorities for counties and region.  Cooperative Extension
 County issue dedicated to Chippewa Valley Rally: funding formulas  Administration
 Community/citizen engagement  Health Dept.
 Improve/increase the use of social media to inform residents on timely, relevant county information  Planning and Development
 Front lobbies to provide better signs for general public trying to access services in building  Facilities