Prov Serv

To develop a countywide process to identify relevant services based on a defined evidence-based needs assessment, which will include criteria to determine adoption, continuation, or termination of specific programs and services.


 Technology/website redesigned for ease of navigation; incorporation of new
technologies that improve integration / consumer experience.
Information Systems 
 Identify ways to partner and collaborate with community agencies (i.e. ADRC with a hospital) –
this can be formal or more informal.
 Veterans Service Office
 How to combat loneliness in the community and how does EC County prioritize that?  Aging and Disability Resource Center
 Safe travel on highways – summer and winter  Highway Dept.
 Improve County's service to public by recognizing everyone has a different background, stature, or past. (Mindset training)  Human Services
 Increases in crime related to drug activity (meth and heroin) and sexual assault  Sheriff's Dept.
 Crisis services: Mobile and Emergency detention - youth and adult  Human Services
 Dealing with vandalism, dumping, weather events that take significant amounts of time and resources. Taking away from project work that is scheduled.  Parks and Forest
 Eau Claire River Watershed

 Planning and Development

 Service accessibility not based on a geographical location.  Information Systems
 Continue to partner with NDR, USDA, DATCP to improve water quality.  Planning and Development
 Strategies to deal with increases in jail/inmate populations.  Criminal Justice Collaboration Council
 Trauma informed care.  Human Services
 Develop more private public partnerships  Highway
 Cross-departmental process mapping to create lean processes focused on customer delivery.  Administration