Ag Ordinance Review Special Committee 



A special committee to do responsibilities under Section 8 of the temporary moratorium, as well as other Ag-related topics including animal waste storage and livestock facilities siting.

 SECTION 8. Action and Review During Moratorium. 

The Eau Claire County Board of Supervisors hereby directs the Eau Claire County Planning and Development Department to: 
1. Review and analyze existing state and local regulations and ordinances regarding the impact large-scale livestock facilities of 1,000 animals or more may have on groundwater, surface water, air quality, public health as these issues apply to Eau Claire County. 
2. Identify areas where new regulations may be needed, where current regulations need to be modified, and where enforcement of current regulation is inadequate to protect the groundwater, surface water, air quality, public health and safety. 
3. Identify who has monitoring and citation authority to ensure applicable regulations are followed. 

The county board chair will appoint the 16-member committee plus two alternates and will also name a chair and vice-chair. The individuals who will be appointed and the specific areas they represent are listed below:  

Ag-Dairy                                                  Tammy Schroeder
Ag-Dairy                                                  Derrick Nelson
Ag-Poultry                                               Ed Gorell
Ag-Beef                                                   Steve Strey
Ag-Cash Crop                                         Roland Fischer
Ag-Other                                                 Andy Ferguson
Environmental                                        Eleanor Wolf
Environmental City of Eau Claire           Kate Beaton
Conservation                                          Paul La Liberte
Ag-Business                                           Jody Wilhelm
Ag-Education & Zoned Town                 Mark Zuber   
Unzoned Town                                       Todd Meyer
City/Villages                                           Cynthia Anderegg
City/Villages                                            Dane Zook
LCC/County Board                                 Gary Gibson
LCC/County Board                                 Robin Leary

LCC County Board Tami Schraufnagel
Ag Jon Nicolet

The committee will serve up to six months from October 19, 2018, the date the moratorium ordinance was published, or as long as the moratorium is in place, which is up to one year from date of ordinance publication. The committee will report to the Committee on Planning and Development

Committee Clerk: Greg Leonard

Current Ordinance: Moratorium on the expansion and creation of large scale livestock facilities


Wisconsin’s Runoff Rules: What farmers need to know…

Laws affecting livestock operations…

DATCP-Wisconsin Livestock Siting…

DATCP-Manure Storage Ordinances…

DATCP-Manure Storage Ordinances listed by county…

DNR-Agricultural performance standards and manure management prohibitions…

DNR-Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)…


November 27, 2018  Agenda


 December 11, 2018  Agenda


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 January 29, 2019

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 February 26, 2019

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 March 12, 2019

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 March 26, 2019

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 Committee Recommendations

Final Recommendations
Livestock Moratorium Process

Coming up next:

  • LCC REVIEW OF DRAFT -->04/15/2019

  • P&D REVIEW OF DRAFT --> 04/23/2019


  • JOINT LCC/P&D – PUBLIC HEARING--> 05/14/2019

  • COUNTY BOARD – 1ST READING--> 05/21/2019

  • COUNTY BOARD - APPROVAL--> 06/18/2019

Meeting Recordings and Handouts:

November 27, 2018

December 11, 2018 

January 15, 2019

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March 12, 2019


November 27, 2018