The ADRC Board shall consist of 11 members that reflect the ethnic and economic diversity of the geographic area served by the Aging and Disability Resource Center. At lease 1/4 of the members shall be older persons or persons with physical or developmental disabilities; mental illness or substance abuse issues; or the family members, guardians or other advocates thereof

Six citizen members

Five members of the County Board of Supervisors with one member residing outside the city limits of Eau Claire

Members shall be chosen on the basis of recognized ability and demonstrate an interest in services for older persons; persons with physical or developmental disabilities; persons with mental illness or substance abuse issues; or their families.


County Board Chair based on the recommendation of the Committee on Administration


3 years


The Board meets on the 2nd Monday of each month.


1. Be accountable for the mission and goals of the ADRC
2. Oversee development of a mission statement for the organization that is consistent with the goals of the ADRC 3. Determine the structure, policies and procedures of the ADRC within state guidelines and local governance structure
4. Oversee the implementation and operation of the ADRC
5. Ensure the ADRC has a viable plan for implementation and operation
6. Identify unmet needs and develop strategies to address them
7. Assure input from consumers, service providers, and local constituents in general in the policies, practices and goals of the ADRC
8. Represent the interests of all target groups served by the ADRC
9. Serve as a grievance committee after other local steps to resolve concerns about the ADRC have proved unsuccessful
10. If proposed statutory language changes are adopted, designate members to participate in a regional long term care council that will have quality oversight responsibilities for manage long term care programs in its service area 11. Provide an annual report of its activities to the county board
12. Prepare an annual budget and submit the same to the county board for approval
13. Carry out such additional responsibilities as may from time to time be authorized by the county board 


Katherine Schneider, Chair    April 2021 
Kimberly Cronk   April 2021
Jason Endres   April 2021
Audrey Nelson April 2020
Sandra McKinney April 2020
Mary Pierce April 2020
Sue Miller, Vice Chair  April 2020
Lydia Boerboom April 2019
Thomas Christopherson    April 2019
Ruth Adix   April 2019
Carl Anton   April 2019

For more information about the Aging and Disability Resource Center Board that is not addressed on the County's website please contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center at (715) 839-4735

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