The board of health shall consist of eight members.  The members shall reflect the diversity of the community.  At least three of the members who are not elected officials or employees of the city or county shall have a demonstrated interest or competence in the field of public health or community health.

  • One member of the city council.
  • One member of the county board
  • Two physicians practicing in the county.  Such physicians shall be selected from a list provided by the Eau Claire County Medical Society, where practical and desirable 
  • One dentist practicing in the county.  Such dentist shall be selected from a list provided by the Eau Claire County Dental Society, where practical and desirable
  • One Registered Nurse with experience in community health practice. 
  • Two members of ability and known to have a broad social viewpoint and a serious interest in the protection of health of the community.

Members of the board of health shall be residents of the city or county.

APPOINTED BY    County Board Chair   
 TERM                     5 years
MEETINGS             The Board shall meet at least quarterly.         


1. Govern the health department and assure the enforcement of state public health statutes and public health rules of the state.

2. Assure that the health department is a Level I, Level II, or Level III local health department as specified in Wis. Stat.§ 251.05(1).

3. Report to the DHFS as required by rule

4. Assess public health needs and advocate for the provision of reasonable and necessary public health services

5. Develop policy and provide leadership that fosters local involvement and commitment, that emphasizes public health needs, and that advocates for equitable distribution of public health resources and complementary private activities commensurate with public health needs

6. Assure that measures are taken to provide an environment in which individuals can be healthy

7. Employ qualified public health professionals, such other staff as are necessary to carry out the mission of the health department, and a public health nurse to conduct general public health nursing programs under the direction of the board of health and in cooperation with the DHFS.  The board of health may employ environmental health specialists, known as sanitarians, to conduct environmental programs and other public health programs not specifically designated by statute as functions of the public health nurse

8. Appoint the director of the health department

9. Determine the compensation for the director and employees of the health department.


Merey Price, Chair December 2020 
Terrence Miskulin November 2024
Kari Stroede December 2021 
Donald Bodeau  December 2023
Jennifer Eddy December 2023 
Elizabeth Spencer  December 2020 
Martha Nieman April 2022
Emily Berge April 2020

For more information about the City-County Board of Health that is not addressed on the County's website please contact the Health Department at (715) 839-4718

To View the Agendas & Minutes for the City - Board of Health, click here.  You will be directed to the City of Eau Claire website.