Three representatives involved in law enforcement, highways and highway safety designated by the Wisconsin secretary of transportation.

A representative from the City of Eau Claire Police department.

The Eau Claire County Highway Commissioner or a designated representative.
The chief county traffic law enforcement officer or designated representative
A representative from a woman's organization or citizen from a volunteer safety organization, or a civic leader.

A representative from the field of law.

A representative from the field of medicine.

A representative from the field of education.

A representative from the City of Altoona Police department.

A representative from the Emergency Medical Services Council.

The Eau Claire County Highway Commissioner and the chief county traffic law enforcement officer are automatically appointed to the Commission.  The Chair of the Commission shall appoint a civic leader, and members of the law, medical and education fields

TERM            Indefinite

Meets at least quarterly.


To secure voluntary coordination and reinforcement of highway safety activities conducted by the political subdivision of the county in the functional areas of:
                        A. Driver education
                        B. Codes and laws
                        C. Traffic courts
                        D. Alcohol in relation to highway safety
                        E. Identification and surveillance of accident locations
                        F. Traffic records

                        G. Emergency medical services.
                        H. Highway design, construction and maintenance
                        I. Traffic control devices.
                        J. Pedestrian safety.
                        K. Police traffic services.
                        L. Debris hazard control and cleanup.
                        M. School bus safety.

To review and develop a written statement of highway safety needs in the functional areas and develop immediate priorities and long-range goals for highway safety improvements.

To advise the board and various committees on highway safety matters and other governmental units.

To maintain liaison with highway safety programs carried on by cities, villages and townships within the county and related state functions conducted in the county.

To act as an advisory body to the county highway safety coordinator for the purpose of developing local actions necessary to implement projects under applicable federal highway safety laws.

To cooperate with nonofficial organizations and groups in developing and conducting public information programs directed to highway safety improvements.

To develop procedures for periodic review of local highway safety improvement programs.

MEMBERS                                       TERM ENDS:

Steve Tape                                          Indefinite
Dennis Johnson                                  Indefinite
Jim Southworth                                   Indefinite
Jesse James                                       Indefinite
John Staber                                         Indefinite
Jon Johnson                                        Indefinite
Dave Fenske                                       Indefinite
Vacancy                                              Indefinite
Vacancy                                              Indefinite

For more information about the County Traffic Safety Commission that is not addressed on the County's website please contact the Sheriff's Department at (715) 839-4709