GENERAL INFORMATION                                                


The Indianhead Federated Library System Board of Trustees (IFLS) are appointed by the 10 participating county boards.  Trustees can be county board supervisors or citizen designees; either type can serve unlimited three-year terms.  Each county is represented by 1-3 trustees, based on county population.

APPOINTED BY:          County Board Chair

TERM:                           3 year terms

MEETINGS:                  The board shall meet 6 times per year: January, March, May, July, September and November.


The IFLS Board shall establish policy and guidelines for the Indianhead Federated Library System.  The Board of Trustees shall, in addition, act on questions not addressed by policy and act on questions that involved judgment or interpretation of policy and guidelines. 

The Indianhead Federated Library System will offer its member libraries:

  • resources to provide high quality service

  • technology infrastructure to meet patron needs

  • information to plan future services

Membership:                                    Term Ends:

Jan Daus                                                 12/2021
Jackie Pavelski                                       12/2019
Mildred Larson                                      12/2019
Robert Eierman                                     12/2021

For more information about the Indianhead Federated Library System Board of Trustees, please contact the IFLS Director, John Thompson, at (715) 839-5082.