The Committee shall consist of not more than 16 persons. Members shall be from the following groups:               

Group 1: Elected state and local officials       
Group 2: Representatives from Law Enforcement, civil defense, firefighting, first aid, health, transportation, hospitals, and local environmental groups      
Group 3: Broadcast and print media  
Group 4: Community groups                                                              
Group 5: Owners and operators of facilities subject to the requirements of SARA Title III

APPOINTED BY       County Board Chair 
TERM                        2 years                                                                                     
MEETINGS               The Committee shall meet at least four times per year.                     


The Committee shall have the powers and duties established for such committees under 42 U.S.C. 11050 and under Wisconsin Statute § 323 (various sections.) The committee shall report to the Committee on Planning & Development at its request, but no less than annually.       

Pat LaVelle, Chair 4/2020
James Hager  4/2020
Marisa Stanley 4/2020
Ray Henning 4/2020
Thomas Lochner 4/2021
Jason Knecht 4/2020
Jack Running 4/2020
Darrell Christy
Donald Henning 4/2021
David Salter 4/2021
Derek Thomas 4/2021
Jamie Burkhardt
Frank Neibauer 4/2021
Tim Boehnan 4/2021
Steve Vargo 4/2020
Elizabeth Dohms 4/2020


For more information about the Local Emergency Planning Committee that is not addressed on the County's website please contact the Emergency Management Coordinator at (715) 839-4736.

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