The listing below is not exhaustive and is designed to serve as a location for frequently used information.


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•Overview of Eau Claire County Government
•County Government Structure; Standing Committees
•Boards, Commissions and Council: Other
•County Board Calendar/Meeting Dates
•Onboarding Documents (NEOGOV Login)


19.59: Local Government Officials, Employees and Candidates
•Electronic Mail
•Open Meetings Law Compliance
•Parliamentary Procedure Memo
•Parliamentary Procedure
•Public Records Law Overview
•Legislation Guidance

Source: Eau Claire County Corporation Counsel





•County Code
3.20: Compensation
3.20.040: Meetings
3.20.050: Mileage Allowance
3.50: Conflict of Interest

•Travel & Expense Reimbursement
•County Government in Wisconsin History
•Plans & Policies
•2018 Annual Reports
•Wisconsin Legislator Briefing Book 2019-2020
•Meet & Greet Information


•Audit Report
•Information on Audits -
the difference between audits and
how to get the most of them

•Per Diem Form
Travel & Expense Reimbursement Form
•Standards of Conduct/Financial Interest Form

Budget Resources
•Elected Officials Guide to Multi-Year Budgeting
•Elected Officials Guide to Procurement
•Non-Fiscal Plans & Policies
•County Budget

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