Committee on Administration


The Committee on Administration  shall be responsible to the county board for the departmental policy and oversight of the offices of: 

  • County Administrator
  • Corporation Counsel
  • Information System
  • Facilities
  • Veterans Services
In addition, the committee over sees the following specific duties:

County Insurance matters; property and casualty insurance, general liability insurance and group health and life insurance.

Approve all bonds for county officers and employees; examine and settle on behalf of the county all insured claims and causes of action against the county.

Develop and administer policies for the operation of the county board office, county board staff, board chambers and committee rooms; act as the general coordination committee of the county board.

Oversee the management of general county business not under the jurisdiction of another committee.

Advise the chairperson of the board on all appointments and advise the board on calendar changes.


Nick Smiar, Chair
Colleen Bates, Vice Chair
Jerry Wilkie
Mark Beckfield
Ray Henning

Committee Clerk :   Samantha Cole


The typical meeting schedule for the Committee on Administration is the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

County Code

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