Approved by the Committee on Administration - July 2017

Aging & Disability Resource Center -  Amount Requested $24,000
The Meals on Wheels and Congregate Dining will be moving from a catering model to a central kitchen. The kitchen will be located in Fall Creek and staffed by county employees. The funds would be used to purchase two (2) double convection/combi ovens, a meat slicer and larger mixer.   View Application

Highway Department - Amount Requested $6,840
The Highway Dept. would like to install a software management program called OneGov Permit. The software would streamline the highway dept. driveway and utility permit process, eventually being paperless.   View Application

Land Conservation Division - Amount Requested $1,100
The Land Conservation Division requested funding to be used to purchase all the necessary equipment to completely install a system (pasture pump, solar powered fencer, electric fence posts, wires and insulators) to eliminate livestock access to a stream, pond, or lake. The land owner would be able to try out materials for approx.. 10 days before deciding to purchase a system.  View Application

 Approved by the Committee on Administration - November 2017
Human Resources Department - Amount Requested $9,500
Human Resources continues to search for additional ways to be more cost-effective in delivering services by redirecting transactional work through deploying appropriate technology. As part of this initiative, Human Resources began implementation of an electronic record keeping system for employee personnel files. View Application