Living Wage Ordinance

Update 7/18/18

Section 6 of 2017 Wisconsin Act 327, effective April 18, 2018, repealed Wis. Stat. § 104.001(3) which provided the legal authority for Eau Claire County to have a minimum or Living Wage Ordinance.

This means that Eau Claire County cannot enter into new contracts on or after April 18, 2018 with a living or minimum wage requirement. Existing contracts entered into during the time Chapter 2.95, the Living Wage Ordinance was in effect can remain unless they are renewed, modified or extended. Therefore, existing Eau Claire County contracts that include living wage requirements will continue throughout 2018 unless particular contracts are renewed, modified or extended. Multiyear contracts where costs or other terms are negotiated annually would be modified as of the date the terms of the contract change. Purchasing Director Frank Draxler will continue to manage the living wage contract process.


Ordinance #16-17/006   -  TO CREATE CHAPTER 2.95 OF THE CODE: LIVING WAGE

On July 19, 2016, the Eau Claire County Board  with a  vote of 18 for and 11 against passed the Original Ordinance 16-17/006 as amended by Amendment #1, Amendment #2 and Amendment #7

Living Wage Ordinance FAQs

Additional Resources
Fact Sheet drafted by Supervisor Smiar
Fact Sheet drafted by Co. Administrator Schauf
Proposed Ordinance 16-17/006  (April 2016)
Fiscal Note (July 2016, Scott Rasmussen- Finance Director)

On June 17, 2016 the Human Resources Committee requested an extension and offered an
Analysis and Recommendation report.

Supervisor Wilkie offered an Amendment 1 - to HR Analysis and Recommendation report at June 21, 2016 County Board Meeting

Amendment 1 - to Ordinance offered by Supervisor Smiar
Revised Amendment #1 Offered and Approved by the Human Services Board on June 27, 2016
Amendment 2 - Offered and Approved by the Finance & Budget Committee on June 16, 2016

Amendment 4 - Offered by Supervisor Beckfield (July 14,2016)
Amendment 5 - Offered by Supervisor Beckfield (July 14, 2016)
Amendment 6 - Offered by Supervisor Beckfield (July 14, 2016)
Amendment 7 - Offered by Supervisor Smiar (July 15, 2016)
Amendment 8 - Offered by Supervisor Beckfield (July 19, 2016)

Report of the Human Services Board - June 27, 2016

Fact Sheet Response - Supervisor Conlin (July 15, 2016 revision)
Response to Supervisor Conlin Fact Sheet - prepared by Supervisor Smiar
Fact Sheet - ADRC  (updated July 14, 2016)

2006-2016 National Poverty Levels

Correspondence Forwarded from Supervisor Mortimer

April 29 - Lutheran Social Services 
July 15 - Brotoloc 

Cost Options

Version 1 (Original Ordinance) - Poverty Scale 110-130% (updated)
Version 2 (Amendment No.1) - Poverty Scale 100-115%
Version 3  - Poverty Scale 100-110%  for comparison purposes Poverty Scale Constant 100%

A survey was sent to vendors who provide contracted services to the Aging and Disability Resource Center and the Dept. of Human Services.   Below are documents in regards to that survey.  A hard copy of the survey results is available by request.
2015 Vendor Listing >/= $30k
Living Wage Survey
Summary of Living Wage Survey (ADRC)
Summary of Living Wage Survey (Department of Human Services)
Summary of Living Wage Survey (Non-DHS Contracts)

 Letter from Chamber of Commerce Board Chair  - July 14, 2016