Finance & Budget


The Committee on Finance & Budget shall be responsible to the county board for the departmental policy and oversight of the offices of:

County Treasurer, County Clerk and Finance Department

In addition, the committee over sees the following specific duties:

Examines and settles all claims, demands or causes of action against the county.
Exercise those travel expense duties
Exercise control over all non-tax deed land acquired by the county through any of its departments, agencies, officials and employees.


Stella Pagonis, Chair
Jim Dunning, Vice Chair
Steve Chilson
Robin Leary
Gerald Wilkie

Committee Clerk:  Amy Weiss

The typical meeting schedule for the Committee on Finance & Budget is the 1st Monday of every month.

County Code

Archived Agendas/Minutes

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 December 3, 2018  Agenda    Minutes
 November 5, 2018  Agenda    Minutes
 October 9, 2018  Agenda    Minutes
 October 8, 2018  Agenda    Minutes
 October 5, 2018  Agenda    Minutes
 October 3, 2018  Agenda    Minutes
 October 1, 2018  Agenda    Minutes
 September 28, 2018  Agenda    Minutes
 September 21, 2018  Agenda    Minutes
September 10, 2018


 August 15, 2018  Agenda    Minutes

 August 9, 2018

Budget Input Session

Committee Meeting
to be held before Budget
Input is cancelled

August 6, 2018

Amended Agenda

July 26, 2018

Budget Input Session
 Agenda    Minutes
July 9, 2018 


Materials  Minutes
 June 7, 2018 
Joint meeting with Highway
Agenda    Minutes
 June 6, 2018  Agenda  Materials  Minutes

 May 7, 2018

 Agenda  Materials  Minutes
 April 4, 2018  Agenda  Materials  Minutes
March 26, 2018  Agenda
(meeting canceled)
March 8, 2018





Addendum #2

Joint Meeting with
Highway Committee


Joint Minutes

February 21, 2018 Agenda Materials Minutes


February 8, 2018

Agenda  Materials  Minutes

January 11, 2018



Agenda (Joint meeting
with Administration)






Joint minutes