The Highway Committee shall be responsible to the county board for the departmental policy and oversight of the county highway department and shall exercise such of those powers and duties under 83.015(2) and such. Stat. Ch. 38 and 84, as may be consistent with the code of general ordinances.

The Highway Committee shall: 
Oversee the construction and maintenance of all county trunk roads and bridges and the construction, improvement, equipment, maintenance and operation of the highway department and grounds. 
Report to the board on all matters under the jurisdiction of the department including highways county highway speed limits and traffic control devices. 
Exercise those powers and duties as authorized in Chapter 2.70 and recommend to the board for approval all leases, contracts or agreements not covered therein. 
Advise the chairperson of the board on all appointments and advise the board on calendar changes.


Ray Henning, Chair
Steve Chilson, Vice Chair
Supervisor Carl Anton
Supervisor Nathan Anderson
Supervisor Judy Gatlin

Committee Clerk:  Rhonda Olson

The typical meeting schedule for the Highway Committee is the 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month.

County Code

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