To develop a process for continuous improvement of modern and integrated technology infrastructure, including training, shared knowledge, automated workflow processes, and adequate security

Identify measures to gauge efficacy of technological enhancements. Finance 
Build partnerships (i.e. 6G CINC System) with other nonprofits or counties Corporation Counsel
Systems integration plan to maximize existing software resources Information Systems
Improve technology to meet rising expectations of younger consumers – online, accessible,
up to date: Including use of AI and emerging systems that provide automated workflows and information.
Register of Deeds
 Updating practices to take advantage of technology
• EFT instead of checks/accepting CC payments
• Laserfiche – shared data and automated workflows. Assess opportunity.
Child Support 
Identification of resources needed at departmental level; development of plan for how-to’s for
each resource / tool-kit.
Internal Services
Work Team
 Network Security Information Systems 
 Complete the remonumentation project (resurvey) Planning and Development
Integration of land records applications to create a seamless interface for online retrieval and processing of all land related transactions (property tax payment: Online link from property tax info with GIS Map to VPS credit/debit card processor)
 Information Systems
(Hold until 2020)