Wisconsin law requires that any claim for money against Eau Claire County be made in writing and filed with the Eau Claire County Clerk within the Wis. Stats. § 893.80 timeframe:

Eau Claire County
County Clerks Office
721 Oxford Ave., Suite 3350
Eau Claire, WI 54703

                                                          Claim Form Against Eau Claire County (pdf)

                                                         Claim Form Against Eau Claire County (fillable)

Claim Form information must include;
                 *Name, Address, Daytime Telephone Number, and Signature

In the narrative section of the Claim Form, include the following;
                  *Date of the Loss and/or Injury
                  *County Department involved with Loss or Injury
                  *Dollar Amount of Claim
                  *Provide a brief explanation of the event that caused your loss and/or injury.

Supporting documents such as estimates, police reports, witness statements can be hand delivered, mailed or emailed to the addresses listed above.

Your claim will be referred to an adjuster for an investigation. Upon receiving your claim, the adjuster will review the policy for coverage, perform a liability investigation, and contact you.

General Claims against Eau Claire County are handled by Wisconsin Municipal Mutual Insurance Company (WMMIC) in Madison, Wisconsin.  The phone number to reach WMMIC is 1-866-823-4217

The Eau Claire County Clerk office receives and processes the claim. However, the Clerk's office does not know the status of the claim or when it will be resolved. Please direct any questions directly to WMMIC.